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We offer a wide variety of services at StoryMiners, but they are most helpfully grouped into four major categories:
  • Story as Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Strategy and Adoption
  • Speaking and Workshops

Concepts like “Story As Strategy” are how we’ve come to think about working with companies and individuals; you could also call what we do “marketing consulting” or “strategic consulting” or “customer experience consulting” if those terms are more familiar to your work.

The easiest way to understand how these approaches work is to see them in action; you can schedule a conversation around anything below. We don’t necessarily call these “a demo” because in some cases it’s a conversation about your needs, sometimes it’s looking at tools, other times it’s showing you different deliverables. It’s not us walking you through a slide deck. It’s much more interactive.

A quick explainer of each:

Story as Strategy: We like to say that strategy is really just your future story being made real. “Story as Strategy” is a way to organize towards your desired future state, as opposed to working on incremental changes around existing processes. The story you want to tell — to customers and employees alike — guides the strategy.
Start Your Narrative
Experience Design: We find the elements of your experience that can be true differentiators, then we work with you to make sure they easily stand out for customers. One idea we work with here is Human Prototyping, or a full-day session with actors. The goal is to help you make customer-focused decisions about design and delivery quicker and with more accuracy.
Talk To Us About The Process
Strategy and Adoption: This is a huge blind spot for many companies. (Unfortunately.) Studies in the past few years have shown that 95% of execution-level employees — those doing the work — are unclear on the overall company strategy, and 67% of senior leaders — who often report to the CEO — cannot name the priorities and strategy of the CEO. Additional research has found that only 8% of enterprise managers can align strategy and execution effectively. Strategy means nothing without execution, and execution lacking a broader strategy is just task work. You need both. Let us help you get there.
Strategize With Us
Speaking and Workshops: We can work with your organization on keynote presentations, interactive workshops, webinars, media events, and more. For keynote speeches, primary topics involve customer experience, experience design, strategy, storytelling, and more.