sounding board℠

get results in weeks not months

A Storyminers Sounding Board℠ experience helps leaders achieve high resonance with their teams. During periods of immense change, leaders who move quickly (and with wisdom) seize the best opportunities. Communicating in simple and clear terms accelerates alignment and progress.  Leaders use Sounding Board℠ to frame their options quickly and introduce the right game plan with confidence.

Your Sounding Board℠ experience amplifies your team’s potential with senior specialists. Working side-by-side with you in an agile process surfaces your best thinking, so you can focus on the most important choices.

With the right game plan, you can seize advantage from new challenges and opportunities. 

Are you missing a chance to think bigger and broader—so that breakthrough ideas can resonate and begin to add value?

For more details about how we can bring fresh perspectives to your biggest challenges, download the overview. 



what you get

  • senior-level, market-proven team that performs this work with you in weeks, not months.
  • Fresh thinking at the intersection of strategy, story, CX/EX, adoption, and technology
  • The details you need to carefully vet your options in situations where best practices or historical operating data simply aren’t available.
  • An easy-to-understand, story-based Game Plan that showcases the best set of options and presents them as a roadmap. 

What to expect

  • Active listening and dialogue
  • Advisors who respect—and challenge—your ideas
  • Conversations that foster critical thinking
  • A roll-up-our-sleeves attitude
  • Fierce focus on moving from cool ideas to practical actions


A sounding board not only reflects and directs sound, it enhances it. Get really close to an open piano. When someone is playing it, you can hear the hammers hitting the strings and the mechanics of the foot pedals. Move back a little and all the notes blend into a singular sound, and a better experience.

Just like with music, the Storyminers Sounding Board℠ experience aims to achieve resonance. Combining your ideas with essential details energizes your teams so they want to bring the Game Plan to life.