Speaker’s Corner: Around the World in 240 Minutes

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Collaborating with over 11 speakers for over 240 minutes from across the world we delivered our very first global virtual event! Hosted by Nadine Dereza, we showcased how the power of the spoken word can inspire us to reach our true potential even during the most challenging of times.

Here are the details on these award-winning businesspeople (who also happen to be pretty good speakers)…

“The Rule of 63” The results you want in the future, won’t happen based on what you do today…

Reg Athwal

Does ‘changing’ something get you results? Does having good ‘habits’ get you results? What’s the ‘one-thing’ you want to achieve right now, but it’s not happening? You will learn about 2 transformation tools from our takeaway toolbox (‘DDIs’ & ‘ROIs’) and will be using them within 24 hours to get immediate results.

Celebrity Service: Creating a client experience your competition could only dream of…

Geoff Ramm

Geoff Ramm is the creator and author of Celebrity Service.  He’s challenged and inspired audiences across 42 countries to create award-winning ideas to outperform the competition.  His clients include, Emirates, Warner Brothers & McDonalds. FORBES called this…. ‘A Game Changer’.

The Rule of 2: Communication is the most important lesson to learn

Nigel Risner

How we communicate to ourselves determines how we speak to others. How we speak to others determine the outcome we desire. Once you understand the personality of the person you are speaking to, you can negotiate, lead and create relationships that last a lifetime.

No is short for next opportunity – How Top Sales Professionals Think

Martin Limbeck

Martin Limbeck will demonstrate how to acquire the skills of a top sales professional, how to anchor your confidence and strengthen your self-motivation and how to develop a clear goal orientation and boost your confidence in closing deals.

Want to survive then thrive? Then focus on your ‘UGRs’

Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson is the creator of the ‘UGRs’ (unwritten ground rules) concept will demonstrate how this concept has been used by companies across the world to transform their workplace cultures – and how this needs to be applied in the current extraordinary context.

Want to survive then thrive? Part 2: Get your people to own your cause

Stef du Plessis

As a retired Lt.Col (Airborne) with a decade of combat experience Stef will describe how normal employees can become extraordinary workplace ambassadors – even especially during these extraordinary times.

Customer Centric Culture: Your One and Only Strategic Competitive Advantage

Olga Guseva

Why should management and sales care about customer experience? Discover 3 instruments for your toolbox to make CX tangible, actionable and working for your goals.

Same Planet, Different World: building adaptive DNA into your organisations and careers

Graeme Codrington

The 2020s were always going to be a tumultuous decade of disruptive change. Covid-19 is only the first of many and has even accelerated other disruptions. the three keys to building resilience and adaptiveness into your organisation and your career.

Digital Mastery: making digital technologies work for your business

Rapelang Rabana

Digital innovation is not the highly academic process that you may have imagined. It stems from a more personal and subtle place that requires us to recognize the assumptions we need to unblock to drive innovation.

How to Motivate Yourself and Your Team While Working Remotely

Sean Weafer

Prolonged periods of separation and change can take a toll on any professional’s or team’s motivation and productivity. Sean Weafer will demonstrate how to power it up for success.

Lead with 20/20 Vision

Mike Wittenstein

Heading your business in a new direction? Want your team’s help to get there? Share a story set in the future, a Future Story, to make your sales and business strategy easier for everyone to understand—and to achieve.

A Perfect Day

Geoff Ramm and Nigel Risner

Imagine being able to create the perfect day for you, your team and your customers? Live onstage and now onscreen Geoff Ramm and Nigel Risner will combine their fast-paced ideas, techniques, and humour to ensure you will have The Perfect Day.


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