Store of the Future℠

The Store of the Future is a term that’s jumped around the retail scene for years. Whenever I’ve seen an interpretation of it – it’s a fixture driven, plastic and metal mélange of Hollywood’s image of the future. Sort of “Retailing 2002, a Space Odyssey.” But, people aren’t buying.

The future is here and now and things are being done the same old way in the futile hopes that consumers will revert back to their old buying patterns – predictable and profitable. When I’m asked to design a store, the client tells me the merchandise assortment, square feet, the budget and store concept. I’m asked to figure out the floor plan, fixture the store, pick all the surface colors and give them visual merchandising and display ideas. When all is said and done – there’s another box with stuff in it sitting pretty and waiting for people to notice it and come in to buy.

Mike Wittenstein, an Atlanta-based strategist with a clear way of seeing things, has some very different ideas about what the Store of the Future is and how to use it strategically to create more value for customers and for shareholders. His focus is unique, practical and today.

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