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Speaker’s Corner: Around the World in 240 Minutes

Collaborating with over 11 speakers for over 240 minutes from across the world we delivered our very first global virtual event! Hosted by Nadine Dereza, …

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Mike Wittenstein Talks About Keeping Up with Constant Change, Creating Journey Maps, and Building Your Business Around Your Clients

We sat down with some professional speakers and asked them about the challenges and keys to success in their profession. Mike Wittenstein talks to us about …

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don't fear fear_Blog Russia

Don’t Fear Fear

In 1980, I was an American exchange student in Moscow during the Cold War. It was brutally cold one short school day in February, so …

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Why the Best Measure of Customer Value is the Value You Provide to Your Customers

It’s not easy trying to grow a business. You’re often left standing in the middle of a saturated market, scratching your head and wondering “what …

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Excuses for Not Building Adaptive Enterprises Fading Fast

We’ve been doing business the same way for so many decades; it’s hard to imagine other ways to achieve success. Work hard, make big profits, …

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Amazon introduces Just Walk Out technology in its new no-checkout-required retail concept

Amazon has formally introduced its new Amazon GO retail concept on the West Coast. Basically, you can shop without lines and without going through checkout. …

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Galileo: A True Visionary

GALILEO is the name of the digital agency my business partner, Jackie Goldstein, and I started in 1992. We picked the name not only because …

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Don’t Do Digital Transformation, Design It

This post first appeared in CMO Australia in late 2017. Thanks to Nadia Cameron for a great interview! Too many organisations are “doing” before “designing” when …

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Awards and Top Lists

Over the years, Storyminers and Mike Wittenstein have received recognitions and recommendations for their work on the field of customer experience. Here is a recollection of some of these.
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