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My Nimble experience just keeps getting better

Last year, I wrote an article about new ways to work. It was based on an interview with founder, Jon Ferrara. Both articles tie how Nimble, …

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How We Reinvented Our Own CX

How We Reinvented Our Own CX Since our founding as a customer experience design consultancy in 2002, StoryMiners has helped over 500 clients on 700+ …

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Case Study: Vacasa

A better experience means a better business. Businesses designed with the purpose to deliver value for their customers have been the focus of my professional …

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Brands That Deliver the Best #CX Achieve 54% Higher Revenue Growth

(This is a guest post from KPMG. It’s included because it’s one of the best reports in years on #CX.) To read the full KPMG …

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Emerging Trends In Customer Experience: The Continuing Story

Kampyle, now part of Medallia, published this interview as a kick-off to their Emerging Trends in Customer Experience series in 2016. We’ve updated it for …

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The Intersection of Customer Experience, Business & Tech

Interview with Mike Wittenstein, Founder of Storyminers as seen on the Digital Customer Experience website  Tips from an Expert in design thinking, customer experience and the power …

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How Nimble Makes You More Agile

Jon Ferrara co-founded the pre-Facebook, pre-Internet, pre-LinkedIn CRM system called GoldMine. His motivation was to connect people at a more personal level—to let them build …

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Expert Interview Series: Mike Wittenstein of StoryMiners About the Importance of Storytelling in Business

This interview was first featured in John Mattone: Expert Interview Series FEBRUARY 7, 2017 BY JOHN MATTONE Mike Wittenstein advises leaders on how changes to their customer …

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Awards and Top Lists

Over the years, Storyminers and Mike Wittenstein have received recognitions and recommendations for their work on the field of customer experience. Here is a recollection of some of these.
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