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Find and Build Meaningful Relationships in a Noisy World: NIMBLE

The Problem Nobody likes over-the-top communications or to feel ‘pushed’ through a seller’s experience. People prefer being in control, so they prefer buyers’ experiences. However, many …

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If we understand our customers, how do we then improve customer experience?

This guest post is from Lisa Kenny of Maru/Syngro, exclusively for StoryMiners. If we understand our customers, how do we then improve customer experience? More …

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Would You Give Up Your Cash Cow?

In graduate school, I learned that Cash Cows are sacred. If a dairy farmer has a cow that gives milk each day, it has a …

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Work On Your Story on April 24th at a Story Workout™ in Atlanta

I’m doing a presentation/workshop for the Retail Design Institute at Gensler’s new Expansion Space on April 24th from 6-8pm in Atlanta. Anyone with a professional interest in crafting better …

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Why Every Organization That Has Customers Needs a Reason for Being

You understand the kinds of experiences you deliver, but does your organization know why? The best customer experience brands are founded on a deeply ingrained …

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The Art and Science of Waiting (también en español)

On Saturday morning, 3 April 2010, I woke up (extremely) early to conduct an Experience Expedition. I wanted to see, first-hand, how Apple’s Retail Sales …

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Caitlin Delohery’s Interview with Mike Wittenstein

When in the role of content strategist at the Growth Company, Caitlyn needed to know what a professional speaker’s life was like. So, she turned …

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Awards and Top Lists

Over the years, Storyminers and Mike Wittenstein have received recognitions and recommendations for their work on the field of customer experience. Here is a recollection of some of these.
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