Speaker's Kit

Getting Your Team To Think And Inspiring Them To Act

“What speakers say doesn't matter as much as what your people become inspired to achieve. That's the true value of speaking.”

What makes mike tick?

Over three decades, Mike Wittenstein has successfully guided leaders and their teams through times of immense change.

How speakers craft their stories is important. Storyminers believes that they should be built to feel as if they belonged to the audience. Putting audience members (your teams) into the role of the hero, they get the best opportunities to make the best discoveries. About their work, their teams, and themselves.

While topics may change over the years (or over the weeks in the case of coronavirus), the idea that stories delivered as experiences have the best learning effect remains constant.
At Storyminers, our speakers understand that they are part of your bigger objectives and plans. They know to leave their egos at the door and make the events they are a part of all about the audience. They are the heroes. They are the ones on the front lines that will make the biggest difference of all.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your goals, your event, and to shape something that will be memorable, valuable, and lead you to the results you desire.