In the first minute, start digging into what will make your story work better.

In 2-3 hours expect clarity and confidence.

Work side-by-side with a master storyteller who will help you reveal remarkable clarity and connect with your stakeholders and shareholders to earn their buy-in. Role-plays and practice sessions make sure of that.
Storyworkout doesn’t teach you and leave you, it becomes part of you.

What are the best uses of StoryWorkout?

Launch a new idea

Clarify your strategy

Gain buy-in

Perfect a sales pitch

Win funding

Detail an experience

Stress test a presentation

See how an email feels

Find gaps in a speech

Anticipate Q&A

What makes StoryWorkout work?

  • Makes discoveries unforgettable
  • Coaxes the truth out
  • Gets to what matters fast
  • Ensures story skill building
  • Achieves clarity
  • Deepens learning
  • Delivers the words you need to earn the buy-in you want

Your StoryWorkout session includes

  • Prep call, pre-reads, homework (all on us)
  • In-person, virtual, or hybrid Story Workout session
    • Focused on your desired outcomes
    • Designed for your specific situation
  • Video diary
  • Written high-level summary
  • Post-session executive review


  • Agreement
  • Homework
  • Prep Call


  • Framing the Challenge
  • Ideation
  • Role-Plays
  • Video Report-Outs


  • Written Summary
  • Executive Review Session

choose the best storyworkout session for you or your company

Your strategy has a bigger story


Your strategy has a bigger story


Your strategy has a bigger story


Storyworkout helps everyone get on the same page, eliminating the limits to what your organization can do.

storyworkout will help your company...
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Explore New Ideas
  • Get on the Same Page
  • Accelerate Adoption
  • Fuel Growth
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What is the Investment?


$ 2,500
  • For <$500 million organizations


$ 5,000
  • For >$500 million organizations


$ 7,500
  • North America
  • Central America


$ 10,000
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa


$ 15,000
  • Asia
  • Pacific

Does my team have to speak English?

No. We use Zoom-compatible software so that participants can speak in their native language and read what others say in theirs. 16 major languages are supported and there is an extra charge of $1,500 for up to three hours of machine-based interpretive service. Please ask for details.


Leaders, leadership teams, chiefs of staff, and boards. Sponsors are usually facing a considered decision, have decision authority, and know the outcomes they seek. (Ask us if that’s not the case. We offer other services that may be a better fit.)

3-7 is ideal. We will coach you on the best personalities to invite.

1 week for virtual events (actual time will depend on the homework you give us)

2 weeks or more for in-person events

Yes. A video diary, written high-level summary, and a post-session executive review. 

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Systems Thinking
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Future Story, our signature method for defining what’s next

We will not engage on anything illegal, harmful to others or to the environment, or allow our services and intellectual property to be used for harmful manipulation.

Storyworkout℠ is the next engagement to consider if your story has to go right. The truth is, when your story is right, everything else seems to go better.


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