strategy execution

Helping turn what you want into what you can do.

Saying your game plan is one thing. Doing it is another. At Storyminers, we believe that game plans should be architected to be implemented—on purpose and by design. (You might want to read that a second time. That’s what we mean.) We have a large toolbox of design-based tools to build the capabilities your organization will need for your new game plan to be understood, get started, and continue to provide value for all stakeholders.

Virtual First

Virtual-First introduces 5 Big Ideas to help you identify and remove the obstacles that hinder teams, customers, suppliers, and partners. So you can adapt—and thrive again as quickly as possible.

strategy-driven business design

Inform your teams with certainty about what makes the organization tick, what it values, and how it creates value for others. Get a six-part business design that lets everyone build out the future.

journey map

Journey Maps capture designs and decisions for training, automating, and introducing new services. Expect a vivid and actionable picture of where your customers are, what they think and feel, and what they want. 

experience design

Tie your strategy to operations with a tailor-made, customer-centric blueprint for action. An Experience Design aligns people, processes, technology, and your brand seamlessly. 


Introduce essential ideas with precision and excitement to build the kind of intrigue that leads to adoption. 

marketing + storytelling

Translate all of the above into compelling print, web, and video pieces that help your most important audiences understand with their minds and connect through their emotions.