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Customer experience is everything you do for your customers and to them and how it makes them feel. Customer experience design is the art and science of shaping experience for customers so they appreciate it, remember it, and share it with their friends.

In today’s competitive business world, success has become an art and those who master it are considered “lucky.” I believe, however, that luck might not have as much to with becoming successful as good old fashioned hard work and being willing to learn and grow.

I have interviewed many people and it seems that each one defines success differently. Success for one woman might mean a good marriage, happy and a good job she enjoys. Success for the man next door might mean a challenging job that keeps him on the run and provides enough money to enjoy life’s luxuries. Some people do not define success in terms of material gain. For these people, success means learning things, growing spiritually and intellectually, and other altruistic ideals that are internal rather than external.

We’ve searched for successful people and asked them how they have mastered success as they define it. The people I talked to gave me intriguing insights into what success is for them and advice about how others can follow in their steps. I believe you will find that this book, mastering the art of success, is a valuable addition to your continuing education library. You will learn from it, and it just may change your life. So take a little time for yourself. Kick back, read this book, and start a new chapter in your life. I think you’ll be glad you did!


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