“The Survey Shows” Doesn’t Mean The Survey Knows

Nearly 70% of shoppers will revisit a clothing store because of personalization.

This from Springboard Retail , a provider of point-of-sale (POS) software with enterprise-grade retail management features. You can read the entire study here.

If you follow this survey’s implied advice, you’ll spend more time and money on #1, less of your budget on #2, and so on. After all, that’s what everyone else does. You may be thinking “if it’s good enough to be ‘best practice,’ it’s good enough for me.”

That would be a mistake.

Apparel retailers who want to make a statement by differentiating their brands and connecting with their customers must go beyond table stakes (see the list below) and find ways to personalize their service experiences.


Here is a set of personalization ideas that build on the insightful and helpful research Springboard Retail did:

  • When they set their specific date and time, extend the option to send in some ideas on what they want to see, to share some pictures from their phone or Pinterest, or even some pictures of pieces they like from their closets. Use that to pre-select some outfits and accessories in their size.
  • Place a sign where you lay out the clothes with your customer’s first name on it. Seeing their name will help them feel welcomed and help prevent others from restocking or trying on what you’ve carefully laid out.
  • When the customer comes in, greet them by name and instead of jumping right into product sales, ask a couple of questions about their intent and how they’ll use what they get next. Unless they’re in a big hurry, they’ll appreciate your focusing on them.
  • Be sure to show a few items that complement what they already own. What man or woman doesn’t like to feel smarter about previous purchases?

Beyond using software to set an appointment, make the appointment itself a cornerstone of your customer’s shopping experience.

These ideas are helpful, create tangible value for customers, show that you care, and give rise to stories—the kind your customers will share with friends and family. The kind of stories that introduce your future customers to your stores and your brand.

Today’s apparel customers don’t just want ‘good enough,’ they demand ‘the best for me.’ Personalizing your service experience is an ideal way to create more value for customers without breaking the bank.

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