The Power List of the Top 200 Thought Leaders to follow in 2021

Top 200 Thought Leaders to follow in 2021
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If you’re curious and fascinated to know what the future of work in reserve holds, if the year 2020 made you wonder about the nuances and dynamism of the modern work experience, then you can find all the answers you’re looking for in the LeadersHum series of leadership. As a growing community of professionals around the world, our 200 most influential thought leaders redefine the world of work and bring us a generation of rich perspectives.

The LeadersHum community of experts and thought leaders showcases their expertise in a variety of within the human resources, employee experienceand technology space. This includes  HR Technologies , Leadership Development, Organizational Cultures, Recruiting and Hiring,  Diversity  and Inclusion and much more.

As our gift to those seeking inspiration and insight into the future of work and human experience, here are some highlights of what our 200 most influential thought leaders have shared with us!

13. Mike Wittenstein

Cross rough waters and navigate the changes with Mike Wittenstein, the founder of STORYMINERS, as he explains the art of storytelling.

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