What’s in a Speaker’s Kit

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What a speaker’s kit should contain and how to organize one


A Speaker’s Kit is a multi-page summary for meeting planners and event owners that gives them a quick overview of what an individual can do for them (and their event). At a minimum, a speaker kit should contain:

  • Name
  • Headshots
  • Contact Info
  • Bio + Backstory
  • Speaking Topics
  • Other Services
  • Thought Leadership Summary
  • Testimonials
  • Links to the speaker’s site and to videos

Putting the speaker’s kit together is the easy part. The really hard part is doing years and years of work to have the tent to put into the speaker’s kit ;–)

Specifically, our speaker’s kits follow these principles:

  • Offer only 100% true information
  • Use real photography (not stock) whenever possible
  • Never adjust clients’ testimonials without permission
  • Update the kit at least annually
  • Use copy that is compelling, complete, and easy-to-read
  • Reduce all the friction possible for meeting planners (especially returning calls quickly and providing targeted proposals when requested)

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