iWorker: Generating Social Impact While Boosting Your Productivity

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It’s hard to move your business forward when the people who want to support you want to charge you more than your business model allows. Sometimes, it feels like you can either pay others or pay yourself. Well, you don’t have to make that tough choice any longer.

Now, you can get the support you need without breaking the bank. iWorker (one of our affiliates) has been supplying us with administrative and special services support for over a year now. We’ve used them for general office support, database design and management, social media scheduling, website maintenance, and research.

Besides having great talent, I like their social-focused design. It works like this. I pay iWorker X (let’s say US10/hour). They keep $1 for admin and give the rest to an English-speaking professional in a crisis country, like Venezuela. (iWorker was originally focused only on Venezuela and now supports women, men, and families in many countries around the world.)

So, by spending less, I gain flexibility and my heart feels better. Providing freelance fees to someone in a crisis country means that they don’t have to migrate, can keep their kids in school, feel safer and lead more stable lives. Everyone wins because in this model, nobody acts greedily.

This arrangement is a game-change for me and for the professionals (and I can’t stress that word ‘professional’ enough) I’m lucky enough to work with. In the last few months, Storyminers has been able to switch out email platforms, update its core database, launch several new technologies, and transition to Storyminers 3.0 (including new website, communications, social presence, email, and services). We simply couldn’t have done this in the same timeframe without iWorker.


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