Work On Your Story on April 24th at a Story Workout™ in Atlanta

I’m doing a presentation/workshop for the Retail Design Institute at Gensler’s new Expansion Space on April 24th from 6-8pm in Atlanta. Anyone with a professional interest in crafting better personal and professional stories is welcome.

Here’s what to expect:

First, Meena Krenek, design director at Gensler will share the story of their new space on the 27th floor at 999 Peachtree Street, Atlanta. Architects and the designers that work with them have been using stories for, well, ever in concepting and presenting their work. You’ll get a first-hand look at how powerful story is in creating an experience from a physical/environmental perspective from her.

From me, you’ll get a better framework for shaping your own story so that it connects with your audience and earns action. For most of the program part of the event, you will be thinking through and be working on your own story. The goal for the end of the session is for you to feel more comfortable sharing your story and for others to feel your confidence. I’ll be there to support you!

There will also be ample time to meet some creative and amazing designers, consultants, artists, and other professionals. Light fare will be provided at no additional cost.

How to get a ticket:

Just click here, fill out a form and pay $20 and you’re in.

Why you should attend:

If you are a designer, consultant, customer experience professional, or another kind of professional service provider, this event will help harness the full power of your personal and professional story. Your story is the hardest-working asset you have—and the least expensive. Your story is why prospects and clients notice, remember, and talk about you. This workshop will make it easier for them to do that!

About the Author:

Since 1998, as IBM’s eVisionary, he has been designing and developing experiences that differentiate brands and deliver bottom-line results. Mike has worked on over 700 client engagements in 26 countries. He understands first-hand the value of properly translating across cultures. As a facilitator, Mike has been used as a board-level facilitator by LeasePlan (Europe and Mexico), Habasit, TELUS (Canada), PartnerTech (now Scanfil), Meeting Planners International, the Institute of Management Consultants and other organizations to develop strategy, articulate vision/direction, and encourage alignment. Mike founded StoryMiners, one of the world’s first experience design consulting agencies, in 2002. The firm is known for its ability to find the essence of a company, brand, or service and translate it into a compelling experience that helps clients shape their futures. The value of his work is estimated at over $1.6 billion in sales won, expenses cut, and brand value added. Mike is the world’s only working speaker, consultant, and experience designer to have earned the top designations in his chosen fields (CSP, CMC, CCXP). Mike earned his MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. He works in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and gets by in Russian ;-)