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you just need to ask

Do you agree that marketers are shouting and not listening enough? I do. So, I’m doing a test to find a better way, and I’d like you to help. Here’s the ask: please watch the video, you will see different options to ask a question in the video.

Your question can be about strategy, future, leadership, CX, or something else. I’ll quickly return a no-fluff, no-sales answer. It’s that easy. The answer may help you, and your question will surely help me! Go ahead and ask. It’s easy, and I can’t wait to learn what you’re thinking.

Here are your answers

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Meet Mike Wittenstein

Founder + Managing Partner, Storyminers

He is Storyminers’ managing partner, IBM’s former eVisionary, a digital agency founder, and a 5-time professional services entrepreneur who speaks four languages. Mike helps leaders find profitable opportunities, sharpen their ideas, win support from their teams, and create more value for their customers. An expert at defining “what’s next” through stories, Mike is a popular global speaker, podcast guest, blogger, and media contributor.

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