Historia de éxito: Estrategia del cliente


"Mike es un placer trabajar con.un verdadero mensch. Tan perspicaz e innovador."

David Weinberger, Presidente

historia exitosa

Because when we volunteered together to help our synagogue become more relevant to the congregation, his “different” thinking really impressed me.

I came up through Corporate America, working in market research for The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot and Kraft Foods. I was fortunate to work with some of the best marketers in the world. And, since starting my own business in 2009, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies in dozens of industries to help them bring products and services to market.

My father was a rabbi, so I have a very high EQ—emotional quotient. Mike helped me find and share the emotional benefit of what I do. I’m more comfortable revealing what makes me tick and clearly communicating my company’s value, as well as our values.

Mike has helped me to be more relevant to a broader audience and set up the nuts and bolts of reaching out to people. I’ve taken what I’ve learned and am now offering it to a larger network, especially in the areas of financial services, healthcare, retail and B2B. Mike is a joy to work with, a real mensch. So insightful and innovative.

Now, my clients, who are often large organizations with significant roadblocks that can halt the progress of new ideas, understand the full value of what I bring. More emotion and story illustrate my relevance.


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