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We talk about strategy often in business. But, per research, 95% of employees can’t name the strategy of where they work. That’s sad. Productivity and growth come at the intersection of a good strategy and good execution. Many organizations are missing both.
Our approach is called “Story As Strategy.”

We help you envision your future state as a story. What will it look like? Who is doing what? How are customers responding to you? Where are new customers coming from? Arriving at the story becomes the strategy. Everyone involved in its delivery gets to understand their role, then help make it work. A more memorable customer experience and more profitable bottom-line are the dual results.

There’s been research in the past few years that customer experience is now more valuable than traditional branding, which makes sense — we live in a world powered by word of mouth and social media. The whole goal is to create experiences that customers will rave about. You create those experiences by having a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. That’s story as strategy.

Our Happy Clients

When we work with customers, this is what they achieve:

We also understand that everyone seems to promise these concepts. The easiest way to understand what makes us different and how we approach working with organizations is to see it in action.

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