making big changes?

(who isn’t?)

Let Storyminers help you figure out your new game plan, and the story your team needs to make it real.

Sharing your strategy as a relatable story set in the future inspires and guides momentum in a way that’s nothing short of magical.

Mike Wittenstein

Without commitments, you cannot lead.

An effective leader delivers a clear vision for the future that all can embrace. Given the uncertainties that come with tomorrow, this is needed even more to create your organization’s future.

Imagine having a Future Story to introduce the game plan to be adopted. It should enlist your organization to feel that it’s achievable and that the rewards will be great. Does your Future Story include the Reason for Being, values, and the business strategies your teams need to live by? How do you know they are on board? Your Future Story should set the stage for each person to become a hero, be productive and successful. 


Start with a compelling picture of what’s to come and a practical plan that shows how it will work. That kickstarts a period of high team interest, followed by high growth. With a strong foundation for your Future Story in place, you can accomplish, well, anything. Anything less won’t earn the commitment you need.

our clients get results.

Stories connect people professionally and touch them personally. Read these client stories to feel just how valuable Storyminers can be to leaders like you. (Each story has been client-approved.)

Stacey Scott

Founder + CEO

It feels quite different to run my business now that I have a reason for being because it permeates everything and it makes it much easier to communicate to the frontline people what it is that we’re doing. Do you know what it gives them?

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Alan Jones

HiFi Buys

I had been running Audio Alternatives, a suburban specialty audio shop, for about 10 years when Mike was introduced to me. The concepts he shared with me about customer experience, marketing, and strategy have become the foundation of our new brand, HiFi Buys.

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Renee Himel

Director of Brand Experience
Transitions Optical

My job was to spearhead Transitions’ entry into retail with a Smart Store concept. Storyminers helped us to develop the retail, experience, and communications design for this next-generation experience.

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we help leaders gain commitment

With big picture plans

Strategy Articulation

Envision the future that hits the numbers and feels so compelling and so realistic that everyone will want to make it happen.

Strategy Execution

Use a visionary-yet-practical framework to design and deploy new capabilities that deliver the utmost value to your clients.

Adoption Assurance

Inspire your people and benefit from a Future Story that offers enough clarity and energy to make first-of-a-kind projects successful.

With focused services


Share inspiring talks that generate excitement about the future and give everyone a way to get there.


Introduce activities that help your teams get past their fears and prepare for what’s to come.

Advisory + Coaching

Provide personalized attention to to individuals and teams that helps everyone grow into the future.

The Value of Story

People are always ready for a good story—including your clients, prospects, employees, partners, and board members. In times of immense change, stories help people understand what’s happened, what’s possible, and what it means to them. If leaders share stories based on careful design of how the future may unfold, resistance relaxes and commitments rise. The end game? Faster, traction and longer-lasting alignment in a new direction. 

Meet Mike Wittenstein,
head StoryMiner

Your ally in building sustained commitments for transformational success.

Your new thinking partner and guide is an internationally renowned speaker on transformative strategies like story, enabling technology, and experience design. Since being in the role of eVisionary for IBM Global Services, Mike has helped hundreds of leaders find their stories, then introduce game-changing ideas that win head-turning results. Mike is known for simplifying complex issues, wrangling buy-in from diverse players, and advising firms on adapting their business models so that their Future Stories can come true.

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