We turn your strategies into stories

so you can win adoption for your boldest plans

We know why people fight change — and how to engage and inspire those who need to deliver it.

Lead your teams with a future story.

An engaging story ensures better understanding of what’s to come and provides a practical plan that shows everyone how to get there. Stories help your employees feel engaged, valued, empowered and motivated to execute well in their roles. With everyone on the same page, resistance goes down, cooperation goes up, and success comes with less risk.

“Sharing your strategy as a relatable story set in the future inspires and guides momentum in a way that’s nothing short of magical.”


stories accelerate big changes.

Less expensive than code, construction, or training programs, story prototypes target and eliminate resistance points. And they help earn buy-in early so change can happen faster and with fewer problems. 

our clients get results.

Stories create measurable value. These case studies and testimonials demonstrate that, in our clients’ own words. (Each story is client-approved.)

Stacey Scott

Founder + CEO

It feels quite different to run my business now that I have a reason for being because it permeates everything and it makes it much easier to communicate to the frontline people what it is that we’re doing. Do you know what it gives them?

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Alan Jones

HiFi Buys

I had been running Audio Alternatives, a suburban specialty audio shop, for about 10 years when Mike was introduced to me. The concepts he shared with me about customer experience, marketing, and strategy have become the foundation of our new brand, HiFi Buys.

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Renee Himel

Director of Brand Experience
Transitions Optical

My job was to spearhead Transitions’ entry into retail with a Smart Store concept. Storyminers helped us to develop the retail, experience, and communications design for this next-generation experience.

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David Weinberger

Customer Strategy

I’m in the business of giving leaders feedback about their ideas and hard evidence that they can make money with them. When it came time for me to reposition, re-energize and differentiate my own brand, I reached out to Mike for his advice and coaching. Why?

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The Value of Story

Stories enter the brain at its emotional center. That’s why they are perfect for strategic pivots, blending brands during mergers and acquisitions, onboarding, culture management, and customer experience upgrades. 

we help leaders win adoption.

With big picture plans

Strategy Articulation

Get a clear and compelling picture of your new direction, presented in a way everyone can understand.

Strategy Execution

Get the details needed to run the business and for your teams to successfully do first-of-a-kind work.

Adoption Assurance

Give your teams their own unforgettable experiences, so that they can do the same with clients.

With supporting services


Kick-start periods of intense activity, simplify new concepts, and expose audiences to big ideas.


Expand ideas, increase collaboration, and develop key alignments before launch.

Advisory + Coaching

Get 1:1 and small-group support to ensure growth as individuals build needed, new capabilities.

Meet Mike Wittenstein

Founder + Managing Partner, Storyminers

Mike is an expert at turning strategies into business stories that help leaders win adoption for their boldest plans. He uses stories to get everyone on the same page. He creates a secure zone where innovative thinking thrives. The results? Decreased resistance and infighting, increased cooperation, and more time to create value for customers.  

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