Got bold plans and ideas? Need buy-in?

put mike wittenstein in front of your audience.

Mike is a 1,000-event speaker, 800-client consultant, 5-time professional service firm leader, and was IBM’s eVisionary.  This and 30,000+ hours of front-line, hands-on experience in strategy, change, customer experience have prepared him for today’s changing business landscape like no other.
Mike’s strength is the ability to show others how to envision new possibilities with stories that get buy-in for their strategies.

Storytelling is the essential leadership skill for 2021

Mike knows the importance of telling a good story. He conveys both creativity and realism as he talks about what’s in store for your business. As he speaks, Mike weaves an experience that fits who you are now or who you want to become. He is a seasoned speaker, working with executive roundtables to large conferences as well as virtually. His presentations not only get noticed, they also make a lasting impression!

Mike provokes his audiences to think differently, see things differently, and approach things differently. He doesn’t just support key points with memorable stories, he shares with everyone how to become better influencers so they can:

Face the tremendous change coming at them

Adapt their thinking

Improve their messaging

Adjust operations to meet new demands

Executives, Meeting Planners, and Sales Leaders around the world call on Mike to supply:


that wakes up your teams’ imaginations


that excites them to do something


that guides them to do it now – so that your strategies get realized


What if? Why not? How can?

Three questions to inspire your team and grow your business

Answers the questions: "What does the future look like?" and "Why do we care?"

The Power of Story

How to use stories in business to connect, inform, unite, and envision. 

Breaking big things

What it takes to make big breakthroughs


Available everywhere. Literally.

We’ve worked in over two dozen countries,
so only 150+ to go ;-)

We adapt to each culture. In 17 languages.

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