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Little boy with dog in studio Analysis

The hero of any truly effective story isn’t the teller, it’s the listener.

One of the things you need to know about storytelling is that it pivots around the storyteller. If the storyteller isn’t effective or credible, chances …

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Business Startup Communication Planning Strategy Concept Analysis

Storytelling as a management tool

Storytelling has been around as long as humans have. It’s ingrained in all of us. It’s how we pass down tacit knowledge, teach our children …

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State-of-CX-Title-Page-1 Other

State of Customer Experience 2020 – Northridge Report

If you’re a customer experience practitioner, the responsibility of proving that what you’re planning will work may be falling on your shoulders. Getting the latest …

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Interview (1) Interviews

How CX Thinking Will Help Us Prepare for the Next Pandemic

These are challenging times we’re living in—living through might better capture what we’re going through globally. Not only are the people feeling the strain, so …

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2020_Traction_Equity_ProfServ_podcast_background_Mike_W Podcasts

ProfServ Traction: Experience Design with Mike Wittenstein

Mike Wittenstein is the founder of StoryMiners, a consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia. They help businesses translate strategies into customer experiences. Previously, Mike was a …

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1936750-1607471356251-85c9ab336e364 Podcasts

Storytelling Will Maximize your Team

Mike’s style is authentic, articulate, sometimes funny, and always inspiring. Why? Because he knows how to put himself in a listener’s chair, so he can …

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MMGP020-Mike-Wittenstein-Blog Interviews

How A Great Story Helps You Sell More

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You Ask, Mike Answers intro (1) Presentations

You Ask, Mike Answers

2021 is already a year of big changes. That makes planning tough. Let’s make it easier. Click on the video and ask a question that’s …

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EY-4N_fXkAEx4fl Presentations

The Future of Customer Experience – Virtual Course

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pexels-ketut-subiyanto-4474041 Tools

iWorker: Generating Social Impact While Boosting Your Productivity

It’s hard to move your business forward when the people who want to support you want to charge you more than your business model allows. …

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A customer enters a Rite Aid Corp. store in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011. Rite Aid Corp., the third-largest U.S. drugstore chain, is scheduled to report third quarter earnings results on Dec. 15 following the close of U.S. financial markets. Photographer: Paul Taggart/Bloomberg via Getty Images Analysis

What difference does a story make?

Please don’t read ahead. I’m going to give you bullet points on a retail healthcare innovation that’s just been made public. You’ll get the gist …

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Silhouettes of Business People in modern office interior Presentations

IBTM Virtual Keynote: Mike Wittenstein

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Mike Wittenstein, adapting to local customs File size: 2 MB Dimensions: 2400 by 1647 pixels Articles

Crucial Communications

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing each of us to respond to change. It is causing many of us to become leaders. In “What We Say …

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129283848_3742927225767028_1557480632111282606_o Articles

IBTM World Virtual 2020 goes live in a week

IBTM World Virtual is set for success with over 10,000 meetings due to take place over the three days of the event, which will this …

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Black-Friday--Survival-Guide-MW-1200x628 Interviews

Don’t just survive Black Friday, thrive.

Every year, we have another Black Friday. They just seem to be getting longer. Did you know that Black Friday traces its roots to a …

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Media Appearances

Over the years, Storyminers and Mike Wittenstein have received recognitions and recommendations for their work on the field of customer experience. Here is a recollection of some of these.


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