Success Story: CL3Design

succeSs story

I tried repeatedly to reach out to speaking professionals to offer my services. While most never responded, Mike replied to learn more and, to my surprise, genuinely offered to help me as well.

We often hear words like genuine and authentic used to describe people to the point of becoming a worn-out cliché. Plain and simple, Mike is real.

I knew I was a good designer, but I struggled with conveying that. Mike helped me find my voice. For example, to prepare me for a webinar that will reach dozens of prospective clients, he came up with a thought-provoking title. Then he showed me how to present my information in a way that would intrigue and motivate participants to want to work with me.

In a world that can have many cold days for business owners—with so many rejections and uncertainty–Mike is like a warm blanket. He is seamlessly open and direct, providing guidance and care. He’s in life for the right reasons. I’m grateful he’s in my life.



“My conversations are much easier, and people listen better because of what Mike has modeled for me. He’s guided me to become a better thinker and a more confident connector. I now have a vocabulary that clearly describes my true value.”

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