Success Story: Maier Group

succeSs story

Maier had been operating in the United States for over a decade and enjoyed a stable yet small base of continuous-process manufacturing clients like Harley Davidson and Shaw Industries. The company wanted to grow share in the US and add multi-site manufacturers to its client roster.

Storyminers facilitated an international director’s meeting to familiarize market-proven (at least in North America) client-centric business practices. The series of meetings helped representatives from several continents get on the same page, share practical ideas, and commit to a shared investment approach to introducing new services.

The leadership team feels more open to US-based innovations and is faster to incorporate what it learns in multiple locations. The company’s ‘smart parts’ are coming on-line with a service-first approach and with added professional services.



“Once he’s committed to a client, Mike will do whatever it takes to help them succeed. You can count on it.”

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