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How Build-a-Bear connects with customers

Build-A-Bear wrote the book on customer experience when it introduced one store that works equally well for kids, gift-givers, and the business. In this White Paper from StoryMiners, you’ll see how each perspective is valued in the design and how each one creates value for itself during the experience. That is truly the secret of good experience design.

Reading “How Build A Bear Connects With Customers” will help you and everyone you share it with become more customer-centric. Written from the perspective of a customer, you will get a first-hand account of how the experience at this category-leading retailer has designed itself to deliver unforgettable experiences, emotions, and word-of-mouth.

If you are a retailer, pay particular to the Take-Away’s and How-To’s on page 7. They come from years of experience in the market. You may be surprised at what Build-A-Bear has taught retail—and what customer experience design has taught Build-A-Bear.

We hope you enjoy the Build-A-Bear story from a customer experience perspective. If you do, please share this white paper with others. If you have questions, please let us know. We’re here to serve.

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