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Pirch emphasizes culture over tech to deliver next-gen service

Read this white paper to get a front-row seat to see how a relative newcomer to retail became one of the industry’s highest performers. PIRCH created a seamless experience from in-store to at-home without resorting to sales, gimmicks, or advertising.

The signs outside any PIRCH store set customers’ expectations with these four words: Kitchen. Bath. Outdoor. Joy. PIRCH truly delivers on each one. However, the last one—Joy—isn’t for sale. It’s given away for free and has become the most valuable part of the brand.

PIRCH built its brand around culture and story. As you read, see how the two intertwine.

Key insights Summary:

  • PIRCH’s culture is the design point for the store and its service. Values are embedded into the experience. In fact, they are the experience.
  • You can’t copy another brand’s experience (so PIRCH has nothing to worry about if you read this White Paper which reveals some of its secrets).

You can build a category-shifting experience in your own niche that turns heads, open wallets, and puts your brand on everyone’s lips. (That’s why we wrote this White Paper…we hope you’ll pick Storyminers to help you create your own next-gen experience!)

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