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Mike founded StoryMiners in 2002 as one of the world's first story and customer experience design firms. 750+ project later, the firms know how to help leaders get their stories straight. And, express them as experiences their customers rave about. A certified consultant, speaker, and experience designer, Mike has helped his clients earn nearly $2 billion from improvements in sales, operations, service design, and brand management. Mike is a graduate of Arizona State/Thunderbird (MBA) and the University of Florida (BA). He has also spent two years overseas, learning Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian along the way. #experience design #story #storymining #speaker #strategy #facilitator #keynotespeaker #designthinking #custexp #travel #woodworking

Pivot on Purpose for GMPC

A small change in course can change your future. That was the promise of StoryMiners' PIVOT ON PURPOSE interactive workshop for the Georgia Mentor Protégé Council. The first event was held on April 16, 2019 at AT&T.  The presentation part of the morning began with an overview of THE SHIFTS THAT SHIFT US TODAY. THE [...]

How Storytelling Has Emerged as a Force in Marketing

Storytelling is the medium through which cultures grow and thrive. From a modern branding perspective, successful storytelling acts as an emotional glue, creating a loyal audience and engaging new customers. Some of the most iconic brands in history are great ‘story brands’. From legacy brands like Disney and Apple to challenger brands like Warby Parker [...]

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Customize Your Customer Experience For Each Generation

If the majority of your customers are baby boomers or Gen Zers, then marketing is a simple matter of reaching that generation where they spend the most time and in a way that speaks to them. However, what if your business targets several different generations? How do you customize your customer experience to appeal to [...]

Don’t Do Digital Transformation, Design It

This post first appeared in CMO Australia in late 2017. Thanks to Nadia Cameron for a great interview! Too many organisations are “doing” before “designing” when it comes to digital transformation and customer experience. As a result, they are not going deep enough into insights analysis and cultural change. That’s the view of managing principal of [...]

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10 Ways to Make Sure Your Customer’s Experience and Your Brand Are Aligned

This is a guest post by Lexie Lue of Design Roast. When customers think about your brand, they should think about their overall experience with your company as a whole. Strong branding likely brings a logo or tagline to mind, but it also plays into emotions and memories of past experiences with your business. If [...]

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Which Road is Your Customer Experience On?

This is a Guest Post by Ian Moyse, Sales Director Natterbox Who would have thought that in 2018, with all the technological evolutions we have already lived through in the past 10-15 years, from Cloud Computing, Smartphones, Social Media, Drones, Big Data, Virtual Reality(VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet Of Things (IOT) that customer experience [...]

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Brands That Deliver the Best #CX Achieve 54% Higher Revenue Growth

(This is a guest post from KPMG. It's included because it's one of the best reports in years on #CX.) To read the full KPMG Global Customer Experience Excellence report: Tomorrow’s experience, today, please visit: www.kpmg.com/customerfirst   Brands that deliver the best customer experience achieve 54 % higher revenue growth, according to a new KPMG [...]

Case Study: Vacasa

A better experience means a better business. Businesses designed with the purpose to deliver value for their customers have been the focus of my professional attention at StoryMiners® for more than 20 years. That’s why Vacasa, a vacation rental property management company, caught my attention. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at three key elements that make [...]

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Work On Your Story on April 24th at a Story Workout™ in Atlanta

I'm doing a presentation/workshop for the Retail Design Institute at Gensler's new Expansion Space on April 24th from 6-8pm in Atlanta. Anyone with a professional interest in crafting better personal and professional stories is welcome. Here's what to expect: First, Meena Krenek, design director at Gensler will share the story of their new space on the 27th floor at 999 Peachtree Street, [...]

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