Working Internationally

Working Internationally

Last week something happened that changed the way I see the world. Thought you’d enjoy the story:

I was on a Zoom with four MBA students helping me with a research project.
Each student was studying from their home country: Italy, China, and the US.
I spoke, but the students didn’t engage. “I wonder why,” I thought to myself. When I turned on the translator, though, each one could read what I said.
Wordly translated everything I was saying! Seeing their eyes light up was so exciting.
How would you feel if you could instantly understand another language? Imagine the change it creates in “how” we work.
You can now comfortably work with people who don’t know your language.
Imagine them understanding you, valuing you, and wanting to work with you. Imagine your market exploding from <500 million people who speak English to nearly 8 billion who don’t.
How does that change how you go to market?

If this is top of mind for you as well, I would love to talk more about how this can impact how we do work.