Strategic Planning 2021

Are you thinking about 2021 yet?

It’s time!
Your experience in 2020 may be impacting how you think going forward.
Thought it would be helpful to share two planning tools that worked with Alternative Apparel, HiFi Buys, Chick-fil-A, PDFA, and many others.

Scenario Planning

  • Guessing the future doesn’t work
  • Preparing for several scenarios does


  • We know being adaptive is good, but what does that mean
  • Using frameworks (ask me) lets better decisions happen regularly

When change speeds up, your reactions must too. Our clients have been thrilled with the fresh perspectives we brought to their organizations and the results they achieved.

Are you ready to navigate the challenges of 2021?

Mike Wittenstein
Founder + Managing Partner, Storyminers
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PS. It’s OK to say maybe to that last question.