Case Study: iPay

Imagine it’s 2021, and your business is growing because everyone is on board with your vision and everyone is on the same page to help make it happen.

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Real Case Study—Proven Results

It’s not only the big brands that deserve big results. Here’s the story of a behind-the-scenes brand that you probably don’t know. Their situation may be very similar to yours.

iPay Technologies was one of the first electronic bill pay options for credit unions. Co-founder and CEO Mike Bowers needed support for his 100% year-over-year growth plan. Specifically, he needed to lure top execs from larger markets while keeping the brand’s small-town feel. After the discovery work, we landed on a new Reason for Being.

The process helped the leadership team and front-line teams get on the same page. Dedicating the business to the credit unions’ human customers led to profitable changes in operations, branding, and talent acquisition.

To help make the switches faster and more comfortable, we captured individuals’ accountabilities in a special organization chart. This Promise Map clearly shows the who-owes-what-to-whom connections in a way everyone can follow. This improved org chart was credited with permanent efficiencies and greater agility because more decisions could be made by empowered front-line workers.

To help new executives feel more comfortable, we sketched the way they should be treated on their recruiting visits and during their first weeks on the job. This Employee Experience Design work dovetailed nicely with the Customer Experience Design work we were also doing.

The newly installed leadership team and a doubled workforce kept the growth on track—and small-town feeling consistent. Years later, Jack Henry & Associates acquired iPay Technologies for $300 million, the largest private sale in Kentucky’s history at the time.

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