Storyminers 3.0 Launch

Time seems to pass by quicker these days. We hope you and those you care about are well and that your business is adapting to maintain positive momentum. The purpose of this communication is to share what’s new at Storyminers and offer our thoughts and value-creating assistance during these unusually challenging times.

On our updated site, we introduce the idea of turning real strategies into actionable stories. It means translating typically impersonal facts and figures into something human-friendly so that your team better understands where you want to go AND wants to help you get there. Clients have seen positive results dozens of times.

Now, you have access to an expanded team of highly experienced specialists who are fluent in strategy, change, tech, people, experience design, and developing new services. Recently, we’ve been helping leaders find new revenue sources and adapt. We’ve also guided clients about what to repair, replace, or reinvent when it comes to front-end experiences and back-end processes.

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Our team at work

Learn about Future Story.

Successful pivots have become a more popular client request now. As practitioners of what we preach, here is one new service:

Sounding Board gives you a directional plan to accelerate your success in weeks, not months. You get a dedicated team who bring fresh perspectives to help you build actionable strategies that are practical to implement.
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We’ve adapted existing services too. Here’s one upgrade:

With significant virtual enhancements, Speaking and facilitating services have better and faster global reach.

Last month, we were in London. This month it’s São Paulo, and next month we’ll appear in Buenos Aires.


Think about it

As doom and gloom pervade our media, negative perspectives can seep into our thinking. We wish these ideas would get more attention:

  • We live in the most abundant time in history. We’ve never had access to more education, more digital connections, more food, and less war and poverty. Our forward-thinking efforts should reflect that.
  • As family members, business leaders, and citizens, now may be the perfect time for us to repair, replace, and reinvent. We can’t afford to wait.

Mike made the Top Customer Experience Experts of the Decade and the 2020 lists.