Industry: Manufacturing

Transitions Optical

Director of Brand Experience
Transitions Optical

My job was to spearhead Transitions’ entry into retail with a Smart Store concept. Storyminers helped us to develop the retail, experience, and communications design for this next-generation experience.

Armstrong Flooring

Commercial Marketing Director
Armstrong Flooring

I led a B2B arm of the world’s leading flooring manufacturer. Storyminers gave us a way to accelerate innovation and improve experience design at the same time. No problem, we can do that, they said. And, they did!

Maier Group

Maier America

I lead the North American line of business for this fourth-generation German specialty manufacturer. I hired Storyminers to help differentiate the company’s services and properly introduce our next-generation products. Storyminers facilitated an international directors meeting and gave us a robust services- and experience-based transformation game plan. We can still feel the effects…

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