Success Story: Transitions Optical

Renee Himel, Director of Brand Experience

succeSs story

This company with the light-sensitive lenses that darken in sunlight wanted to add retail to its marketing mix to connect with its customers directly.

Transitions Optical wanted a clear picture of the future experience, so we blended some services and brought in partners (retail design and construction, UI/UX, app and simulation developers, and AI/machine learning pioneers) to deliver a new offering for them called TREx (Transitions Retail Experience). It outlined how Transitions Optical could use one space to create three concepts in one: shopping, training, and research, including many details on construction, design, technology, training, and branding. Working closely with the client, it became an integrated view of Transitions lenses Smart Store concept which they used to win support internally, with real estate and optical partners, and to communicate with multiple contractors. Transitions Optical got a clear view of their future experience before even one dollar was spent on construction, leasing, or technology. Storyminers also provided support to keep the design in-line with Transitions Optical commercial objectives.

Transitions Optical was acquired sooner than expected.

This highlight video (2:45) will let you peek into Transitions Optical’s future…


“Mike helped us develop experiences designed to turn heads and the underlying capabilities our business needed to deliver them. I’d love to work with him again.”

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