Success Story: HiFi Buys

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Audio Alternatives had built a respectable clientele, but it was slow to grow. People had to know about it before they could find it. In an all-things-digital world, that wasn’t enough. There needed to be a way to bring new audiophiles in to build local traffic and to expand the firm’s then brand new online presence.


Storyminers reviewed current operations and facilities, interviewed the staff, and checked out the competition in-person and on-line. Armed with the latest in customer expectations, we worked with the founder to uncover his vision for the future in great detail. By weaving in a focus on customers’ needs and influencing what comes first in marketing, the store decided to become an experience store. The focus would switch from buying gear to enjoying amazing music-based experienced.

Several years later, Alan purchased and reinvigorated one of the Southeast’s favorite, big-box audio entertainment brands, HiFi Buys. He applied the customer experience principles from Storyminers to shape his next-generation in-store and on-line experiences.


Now, HiFi Buys operates a destination specialty store in the heart of Atlanta’s #1 shopping district, sales have doubled, and customers enjoy an up-to-date digital-first marketing experience that dovetails with its in-store experience.

If you’re interested in hearing music at a level you’ve probably never heard before, you can check out the store on-line or head in for a visit.

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“I could not recommend Mike Wittenstein enough. He’s a very quick-moving, effective mentor. Gosh, I just can’t imagine the places that I would not be today if it had not been for him coming into my life several years ago.”

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