Success Story: Retail Design Institute

succeSs story

The Retail Design Institute (RDI) is the place where retail creatives like store designers, planners, and brand creatives collaborate with their counterparts in fixtures, digital signage, and the trades (painting, mechanical, HVAC, tech, etc.) to deliver the latest in new store designs. The Institute is always raising the bar on its members when it comes to training so that each member can continuously master their craft.
When customer experience became more than a buzzword, The RDI leadership team and its anchor sponsors decided to run a multi-city, multi-country educational tour on the topic. They needed a provocative thought leader who knew customer experience, retail, and tech, to inform and inspire their members.

The StoryMiners team, led by Mike Wittenstein, developed a custom roadshow focusing on the world’s leading experiences. We included behind-the-scenes retail case studies, tools, and techniques for members/designers to use in creating their own next-gen stores Interactive exercises helped everyone put ideas into practice in a safe space.

As a result of the tour, members/designers now feel more comfortable and confident collaborating in an experience design ecosystem with new players, retailers are getting better work from their designers, and sponsors are happier that their products and services fulfill new needs.



“Mike stands out among most futurists. That’s because he not only shows us a picture of what’s to come, he provides meaningful steps to get there. He wowed us with his depth and vision. Everyone walked away with specific strategies that will make a significant impact on their own businesses.”

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