Success Story: Collins Project Management

succeSs story

Running a business for 25 years makes it easy to settle into “the way things have always been done here.” In a quickly changing market place, that was the last thing we needed to do. Competition from traditional and new competitors was becoming intense. It felt to us that our clients wanted something more from us (beyond the great service we always gave them), but we were having a hard time putting our finger on it.

The Storyminers team showed us how to think of our business not as a transaction from our company’s point of view, but as an experience from each of our customer’s. By building out the details of the experience, we were able to put more attention on the things each of our clients (owners, architects, construction managers, etc.) cared about most. Storyminers Also helped us create an important element in that experience – a workshop designed to get all the different players (each with a different agenda) on the same page. It became a valuable differentiator for us and the signature element of our own experience.

We continue to work with story minors over the years on various projects. The last one was a re-launch of our website which was successful in two ways: it helped us land our second largest client ever and supported us on the way to a successful exit. We couldn’t be more pleased.



“Mike did an excellent job of helping us put into words what it is that we do - our Reason for Being. That sounds simple, but we had been unable to do it after trying for 15 years.”

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