Success Story: Leaders Expedition

succeSs story

When your story isn’t right, you can feel it. And so can everyone you speak with. Because we’re building a 1,000,000-member organization to help young leaders in their rise to positions of prominence, our stories have to resonate. Quickly.

Trusting Storyminers was easy. They just have a way of ‘getting’ us that’s natural and on-brand. Once we did, it was great. Not only did we get our story, but we also got the information we needed to influence our internal design, strategy, and experience.

Here’s one version of the Leaders Expedition story Storyminers helped us with:

Storyminers helped us with that thinking, voice, strategy, and writing. One of our partners put it into this animated form.

Having a story that’s quick to share is priceless. It has let us reach so many more potential members, donors, partners, and sponsors in so much less time. We look forward to working with Storyminers for a long time!


“F**k, you’re good!”

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