Success Story: VOLD, Inc

succeSs story

VOLD, Inc. had provided their services one project at a time for many years. Now, on the brink of an uptick in mergers and acquisitions activity, Mimi Vold, founder, wanted to bring in others and purposefully grow the company, the brand, the operations, and the team. She knew she needed help, but wasn’t sure which kind.

Storyminers’ story-based approach to developing strategy and making it real was a perfect fit. Mimi was able to envision the future she desired, Storyminers help convert it into a practical plan for implementation. The detail provided was deeper and more specific than most other firms Mimi had worked with in the past. Storyminers suggested specific programs, methods, service guidelines, and of course a powerful narrative that tied it all together.

Too early to say with the effects of the 2020 pandemic, but Mimi is ready for whatever comes because she has a Promise Map, Reason for Being, and Principles, that will let her move easily in any direction she chooses.



“I could never thank you enough. You gave me the language to communicate to the world, the self-confidence to engage the market, and the clarity to crystallize VOLD INC.”

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