Success Story: Iansiti Performance Group

succeSs story

Tier1 Performance Group in 2018.


Iansiti presented as a boutique performance improvement company with Fortune 500 clients and 15 years of experience.


The brand was extended from the character and principles of its founder, Chris Iansiti. We evaluated all the promises Iansiti Performance Group could authentically make to its clients, then focused only the most important ones. In the end, what Iansiti did best was what clients wanted most.


This story ends with the acquisition of the firm by a much larger competitor on favorable terms. Chris still owns his name, brand, and legacy.



“Mike did an outstanding job of creating the customer experience for IANSITI Performance Group, Inc. I had never thought of the "experience" before but is truly a differentiator in how businesses go about their business. The process that Mike led was very insightful and the outcome to me and my firm has resulted in clarity of communication, vision and increased business. I’d run, not walk, to see Mike...”

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