Success Story: EntreSpace

succeSs story

Entrespace, LLC, specializes in helping companies develop and improve business designs, customer experience and usability of products and services.

One of the Entrespace services helps healthcare organizations better interact with patients and their healthcare providers. The company started deploying the latest version of its flagship OfficeFLO® platform in early 2020(?) without anticipating that many healthcare practices would soon have to close their offices and operate remotely to keep their staff and patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. By using OfficeFLO® and a cloud-based EHR system, clients can continue to operate remotely from the comfort and safety of their own homes, providing uninterrupted support to their patients. 

The Entrespace team decided to issue a new press release to help other healthcare practices that may be struggling with supporting their patients while working from homes).  

When the Entrespace team wrote their first draft of a press release to alert other healthcare practices, it filled four single-spaced pages. They reached out for help. 

That same day, Mike interviewed the firm’s president, positioned the product to be more customer-friendly and shortened the copy by 75%. Now, Entrespace has a piece they can use to effectively communicate to the press and potential new clients.  



“Storyminers helped us achieve better and broader awareness about our services in a shorter period of time.”

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