Success Story: ADEN International Business School

Andrés Culasso, Vice President

succeSs story


In record time, ADEN, a major player in Latin American business education, needed to provide support and information to its students, staff, alumni, and future students. They contracted with Thinking Heads to make the arrangements. After a week of Zoom calls and emails, 60  international speakers were organized into a custom learning experience localized for ADEN’s unique audience make-up.


Storyminers interviewed ADEN about its audience, then combined the firm’s work in strategy, business architecture, and story into a short and compelling presentation intended to be accessible by business school students as well as future students. Examples were customized and the presentation followed ADEN’s instructional design.


The presentation series reached over 80,000 people in the first week and kept ADEN front of mind for many people who now have unexpected free time thanks to COVID-19. Immediate audience response was positive and drove inquiries to ADEN for instruction and support.


“Mike, it was truly a great pleasure to have you as a speaker for the Latin American Management Summit, an event organized by the ADEN Educational Group to benefit the International Red Cross. Your presentation was one of the most commented and appreciated by the community of executives who participated in the Summit!!! Thank you for your professionalism and active participation !!!”

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