meet the storyminers

Mike Werner

Consumer Sketches

Mike turns words into pictures so that people can get on the same page. Drawing others' ideas helps everyone make better collective decisions.


Ad agency background.
Works anywhere: virtually and on-site.
Sees ideas with a fresh perspective, then let’s everyone see and feel the same thing.
Gets everyone on the same page.
Loves outsider art, noisy music, and baseball.


Graphic Recording
Vision Maps
Explainer Videos

Meet our other team members

Lee Barnathan

Lee uses a journalist's approach to make sure that truths come through and that ideas connect. After 30 years, he keeps things short and sweet.
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Jenna Dobkin

Jenna drives engagement with precision. Skilled at public relations, digital, and omnichannel communications, she can fill funnels at any stage in the sales cycle. She ...
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Dr. Tonia East-Phanor

Dr. Tonia helps teams to think and communicate on a global level. Her warm approach and educational background help clients to share their stories with ...
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Rudy Miick

Rudy uses culture to achieve high performance and engagement for staff and customer alike at every brand touchpoint. All without drama. He mentors others to ...
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Robb Bingham

Robb prepares teams for change by creating memorable journeys that engage, educate, and empower. His approach inspires individuals and organizations to move from simply knowing ...
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Siwen Li

Siwen sees numbers creatively. He turns complex data sets into visually appealing, informative, and convincing summaries. He presents numbers as stories.
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Mike Werner

Mike turns words into pictures so that people can get on the same page. Drawing others' ideas helps everyone make better collective decisions.
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Jorn Nielsen

Jorn helps clients see what they say. Former creative director at the Walt Disney Company and current agency founder/lead creative.
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Monica Compton

Monica transforms meetings into experiences. She is an international meeting planner and travel writer who excels at planning how futures will feel.
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Chris Cook

Chris creates visual experiences for audiences. He makes sure that what's on the screen adds visual energy to a speaker, a company, or a brand.
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Jerry Seufert

Jerry helps leaders zero in on their growth trajectories, then helps them eliminate frustrating barriers.
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Sean Weafer

Sean coaches leaders to get the most out of their leaders. Highly skilled with people, Sean shows his clients how they can achieve more by ...
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David Ryback

David is an international speaker and 7-time published author with a focus on emotional intelligence. He goes deep with top-level executives and explores the potential ...
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Jackie Goldstein

Always in creative overdrive, Jackie brings her ability to see things with a fresh perspective and an ever-present joy. And the results are always true ...
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Tom Tortorici

Tom helps companies make a genuine connection with their audience. Tom brings 25 years of experience in strategy, copywriting, marketing, and creative.
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Mike Bryant

Mike zeros in on organizations’ strengths so they can become what their customers want most. A former UPS Capital executive, Mike does big picture and ...
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Feryal Hendricks

Feryal brings Future Stories to life, systematically. Over 35 times, she has connected the big-picture strategy to the details that matter.
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Barbara Deskey

Barbara defines clients' strategies and services through keen focus on customer needs and behavior. An ex-Deloitte Consulting Partner, she helps leaders fine-tune their best ideas ...
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