Customized Messaging and a Little Know How Saves The Day

Marcus Evans is a global promoter and provider of business conferences, global economic and business summits, professional business training and corporate hospitality.

Marcus Evans is also renowned as a onestop shop for professional learning and training needs.

They have clients on six continents and in over two-dozen countries. Marcus Evans has it going on.

One must possess a unique skill set in order to be a resource for this type of organization.

Mike Wittenstein is one such individual. He brings a wealth of experience in custom crafting messages to be culturally relevant and is regularly sought out for international speaking engagements. As such, he was invited to deliver a keynote address on customer experience in Sydney Australia.

As it turned out, creating a message that was relevant to the Aussie market wouldn’t be the biggest obstacle. At the last minute, project economics changed, and the meeting was in jeopardy. Mike put his problem solving skills to work. He would attend remotely.

This required ingenuity and innovation.

Speaking of custom crafted messages…

Mike was able to adjust his content so that it could be delivered without bandwidth-laden delays by using a combination of technologies. This allowed Mike and the master of ceremonies to coordinate hand-offs with precision and real-time reactions with the audience with a sense of naturalness.

Distance became a non-issue to a great experience for the audience.

In fact, the experience was so positive that many attendees expressed interest about learning from experts located around the world after being a part of this unique presentation.

Using many of practices that Mike teaches to his own clients like adaptability, creative solutions and abundance, he was able to provide a truly memorable and high-quality experience for the audience.

After all, the show must go on, right?

Contact Mike Wittenstein for big, positive-change solutions with lasting value for your company.


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