Wake-up Call For Sleep Products Industry

What started as an ordinary request for a keynote speaker soon turned into a major discovery for the International Sleep Products Association.

Mike Wittenstein was referred to the International Sleep Products Association to introduce customer experience to a group of manufacturers, retailers and distributors of beds and bedding products in a keynote format. However, Mike took a holistic view of the industry in order to present a timely and relevant message to the association and discovered that what was needed was a long overdue wake-up call.

The sleep products industry needed a revitalization to differentiate their business and make significant improvements.

Customer experience involves many different elements, and Mike spent some time evaluating each (see below) as it related to mattresses. Mike and his team then went on a two-day buying spree and spent some intensive information gathering time to get the scoop on what happened to customers in the space.

They checked out eight different retailers in person to begin their evaluations. They spent time in the showrooms evaluating the physical environment and buying process as it impacted the customer directly. And, they had extended conversations with salespeople, as well as “drive- by’s” to evaluate how the customer developed perceptions before ever entering a showroom.

Mike also took time to evaluate other important customer touch points such as Internet advertising and websites for retailers.

What was revealed was a less-than-appealing picture of bedding retail.

It can be tough to deliver such negative findings. Obviously, this was a sticky situation. To tell anything less than the truth would be a disservice to the client. But, the event producer said “this is exactly the kind of message we’ve been needing to share with our members for some time. I want you to go for it.”

Mike delivered his keynote address revealing every unflattering detail that was discovered. How a message is received is all in the delivery, and Mike was able to craft this message in a way
that enlightened and fueled a fire for change.

In fact, reviews from the national meeting were so positive that he was invited back, and his commentary was shared in the organization’s monthly magazine.

The Point?

Everything may not be coming up roses, but it is worse to not know what is going on with your customers. As Mike has said, “ Every business has a customer experience. But, are they aware of it?” The folks in this association are now aware of their customer’s experience, and now have an opportunity to make changes to positively affect sales in the future.

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