Success Story: Jim Ellis Automotive Group

succeSs story

For the annual sales meeting, President Jimmy Ellis wanted to emphasize that the bar can always go higher on customer experience. He wanted to extend his advantage by improving on its already legendary customer experience.

Storyminers went undercover to buy some cars to capture the experience customers received. Then, wwe found opportunities for improvements that each dealership could make and shared that information in the form of ‘a day in the life’ of a salesperson. To make the future seem more real, we included prototypes of those next-gen behaviors, ideas, and technologies in the keynote presentation.

From this process, the company funded an Innovation Initiative, which launched at the beginning of Summer 2010 and based on these three key findings:
• Make the car-buying process easier and faster, showing a respect for the customer’s time.
• Take the mystery out of pricing and negotiation.
• Empower the salesperson to speak transparently about price and negotiate a deal without the predictable trip to “Let me ask my Sales Manager if we can do that deal”.

Years later, that innovation capability is hard at work. In fact, the Jim Ellis family of dealers is one of the first to offer contactless service and sales.



“You earned my respect and attention when it came to your assessment and opinion of how we could go to the next level in delivering outstanding customer experiences.”

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