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  • Alternative Apparel
  • 91% of Customers Believe That Customer Service is Important; Only 24% Actually Feel They Get the Service They Deserve
  • The Art and Science of Waiting (también en español)
  • Interview with Stephan Haeckel-Expert on Adaptive Enterprise
  • 2011--The Year of Business Redesign
  • What's the Future of Customer Service?
  • Aubyn Thomas of DMA-Atlanta Interviews Mike Wittenstein about Customer Experience
  • Intel introduces kiosk with gesture recognition
  • Observing Customers Anonymously Can Lead To A Better Customer Experience
  • Excel In Giving What Your Customers Want Most
  • Human-Centered Design Toolkit from IDEO
  • How Retailer Big Peach Puts Customers' Feet First
  • Visualizing Experience Design
  • Experience Design in Hospitality Wins Big ROI
  • The Best Experiences in the World and What Makes Them Work
  • Larry Baker Is A Blind Man Who Helps Us See More Clearly
  • Customer Experience 1:1 to debut at ECEW
  • Highlights from "The Best Experiences in the World"
  • Out of 100,000,000 Users, I'm LinkedIn's 18,997th!
  • Hyundai Equus iPad App Sets New Bar For All Other Auto Retailers
  • The 'Other' Side of Social Media
  • If Nobody Complains Is Everything OK?
  • Capitalizing on the Smarter Consumer - An IBM Study
  • TourWrist Is Retail's New Killer App
  • Mobile Market Research Improves the Customer Experience
  • If Nobody Complains, Is Everything OK?
  • International Experts Weigh In With Their "Big Idea"
  • Welcome To Your Room, Mr. Wittenstein! Sofitel Gets It Right.
  • London is Hot, But Airport Signs Leave You Cold...
  • Lewis Carbone Has Introduced Hundreds To Experience Design
  • Is Customer Experience Really a New Discipline?
  • What If You Didn't Need A Key To Start Your Car?
  • CPSI Conference Links from Mike Wittenstein
  • Can Apple's Polish Rub Off on Other Retailers?
  • How Apple Can Beat the Fake Apple Stores
  • A New Kind of Business Model
  • AutoNation Lets Customers Peek at Next Gen Ideas
  • lululemon Posts its Promises
  • Great Customer Experiences Learn Continuously
  • Google+ Opens to Public--Big News For CX Research
  • Chick-fil-A Subtly Announces It Is An Experience Company
  • Steve Jobs Has Passed, But His Imprint on Retail Will Last
  • Nice Touch!
  • The Apple-ization of Retail
  • What CXPA Attendees Learned
  • ReCommerce Doesn't Dilute Sales, It Increases Understanding
  • Microsoft Develops Compelling Vision For The Future
  • Customers for Life
  • How to Entertain and Educate Your Audience at the Same Time
  • What if your cash register could count people and not just cash?
  • Imagine Being Picked Up Planeside in a Porsche
  • Experience Design Works for Non-Profits Too
  • Getting Unstuck Now Has An App!
  • Can Experience Design Help Healthcare? Yes!
  • Kevin Roberts of Saatchi on Experience Design
  • Skype Used to Deliver Keynote in Australia
  • Sometimes, Taking Care of Non-Customers, Makes Your Customers Happier
  • Turning Strategy into Action
  • What does Facebook's app store mean for retailers?
  • Can you steal an experience?
  • OneMedical Redefines Healthcare Around the Patient Experience
  • Mobile Payments StartUp Turns Tables on the Giants
  • Dave Carroll Believes in Social Non-Confrontation
  • See What You Say
  • Inspiring the Workplace on Purpose and by Design
  • Now Everyone Can See Everything - A Customer Experience Picture
  • Smaller Companies Can Benefit From Experience Design Too!
  • Thank You's are 'Best Practice' at Stimmt
  • UX vs. CX
  • Mystery Shopping Can Improve the Customer Experience
  • {:en}Fueling the Promise-Making Machine: Considerations to Ensure Your Brand Delivers{:}
  • How I'd Handle Carnival Cruise Lines Differently
  • Connecting Creates Memorable Customer Experiences
  • ¡Hola Madrid!
  • Best Customer Experience Strategy-Keep Your Promise
  • ECEW Conference
  • Do You Really Know Your Customers' Experience?
  • Will Customers Pay More For A Better Experience?
  • Reason For Being Builds Marketing Platform
  • Retailers Differentiate Through Customer Experience
  • Pinpoint Objectives Before Choosing A Workshop
  • The Customer Experience And Brand Connection
  • Elevate Customer Service With Great CX Design
  • Improving The Retail Customer Experience
  • Innovation for Better Customer Experience Design
  • Retail Wins With Customer Experience
  • 5 Steps To A Better Customer Experience
  • How To Create More Profit For Your Business
  • What Do Your Customers Really Want?
  • Reinventing A Brand With Signature Strategy
  • CX Day 2013–Join The Celebration
  • New Direction For Retail Means Better Experience For Customers
  • Marcus Evans Case Study
  • Proactive Customer Service Exceeds Expectations
  • The Real Value Of Loyal Customers
  • Big Data: Don't Let It Get Creepy
  • Experience Design Is For The Big And The Small
  • Connecting Retail Customer Experience Across Channels
  • Is There A Strategy For Customer Loyalty?
  • Part One: How to use Experience Design for Successful Event Planning
  • Part Two: How to Use Experience Design for Successful Event Planning
  • Part Three: How to Use Experience Design For Successful Events
  • Boost Customer Experiences During the Holidays and In The Coming Year
  • Things You Can Do Today For Better Retail Customer Experiences
  • Poor Customer Service Experience Costs Businesses More Than You May Think
  • It Takes More Than Data Or Technology To Improve Customer Service Experience
  • Five Predictions for Customer Experience in 2014
  • Customer Experience Professionals Association–Atlanta Kick-Off Event
  • How Do Your CX Efforts Stack Up?
  • Architectural Profession Benefits From Experience Design: Part One
  • Customer History + Anticipation
  • Architectural Profession Benefits From Experience Design: Part Two
  • My WBR Experience: A Live Look at a B2B Customer Experience That’s Happening Right Now
  • Architectural Profession Benefits From Experience Design: Part Three
  • Three Part Series: Architects Benefit From Experience Design
  • Atlanta Tech Village Event
  • Show Organizers Use Customer Experience
  • My WBR Experience – Part II: A Live Look at a B2B Customer Experience That's Happening Right Now
  • See The Bigger Picture With Help From Experience Designers
  • Space Planning Gets A Boost From Experience Design
  • Primetime! by Nationwide
  • Customer Engagement Magazine Interviews Mike Wittenstein
  • Part Two: Space Planning Gets A Boost From Experience Design
  • Three Myths About Customer Experience Exposed
  • 4 Things Customer Experience Should Be For Retail
  • Three Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Customer Experience
  • Do This for Better Presentations
  • Fine-tuning Your Presentation
  • Wrapping Up a Great Presentation
  • Retail Mobile Apps: Best Practices for Leadership
  • APRO 2014 National Conference and Trade Show
  • Welcome to the Future
  • Store of the Future Requires Innovative Culture
  • Officially CCXP
  • Store Of the Future Moves Ideas to Implementation Continually
  • Retail Apps Integrating With Brick and Mortar
  • Quick Start Guide to Building an Innovation Lab
  • Retail Connections– Omnichannel Retail Executive Forum
  • We Want It Now and We Want Better In-Store Customer Experiences
  • The Why Factor
  • Digital Transformation is More Than Automating Processes
  • Nordstrom's Acqusition of Trunk Club is a Win for Shareholders, Employees, and Customers
  • Foursquare Gets Personal
  • Use Experience Design Two Times for Best Outcome
  • Experience Design Works for Customers, Employees and the Business
  • Employee Engagement Shows on Bottom Line
  • Retail Customer Experience Needs Connection
  • Ethan Allen Launches New Store Concept
  • VoC Program to Improve Customer Experience
  • James Patterson's New Book Will Self-Destruct in 24 Hours
  • Intelligent Experiences: Where CX Meets Tech
  • Magic Mirror Connects With Consumer
  • {:en}Interview: Why Marketing Should be the Orchestrator of Customer Experience Design{:}
  • Sometimes, It’s the Little Things That Make the Biggest Difference
  • {:en}How Frustration--Through Design--Became Market Leadership{:}
  • Retail 2016: Predictive Analytics As Value To Your Customers
  • Services Before Sales Sells More Chicken! (Disney Agrees)
  • Here's A Notion Retailers Must Adopt
  • Retailers Who Create Value For Customers - WIN!
  • Back To Basics - On Empathy
  • The Challenges of Customer Experience Management
  • customer experience design
    Customer Success Comes From Experience Design
  • What is Customer Experience? 19 Industry Experts Weigh In:
  • Key Retail Influencers Talk Mobile
  • The 'Always On' Enterprise
  • customer retention strategies
    Customer Retention Strategies From 25 CX Experts
  • santillano español
    Great Customer Experience = Bending the Rules
  • The Myth Behind "Low-Hanging-Fruit"
  • The New Paid PAID Vacation
  • Can a change in policy change the customer experience?
  • Why the Best Measure of Customer Value is the Value You Provide to Your Customers
  • Here's Something To Be Proud Of: StoryMiners Blog Made Top 50
  • Excuses for Not Building Adaptive Enterprises Fading Fast
  • Amazon introduces Just Walk Out technology in its new no-checkout-required retail concept
  • Emerging Trends In Customer Experience: The Continuing Story
  • "The Survey Shows" Doesn't Mean The Survey Knows
  • experience design improvement
    The Value Of Experience Design Improvement Is On The Rise
  • One Of The Best CX Resources Of 2017
  • The Intersection of Customer Experience, Business & Tech
  • How Nimble Makes You More Agile
  • Lessons From Leaders At Brands Where CX Is Working
  • How Big Data is Creating Opportunities to Serve Customers in SMB
  • Find and Build Meaningful Relationships in a Noisy World: NIMBLE
  • Why not make change easier?
    New Ways to Work
  • Dynamic Branding Tools for Enhancing Customer Experience
  • If we understand our customers, how do we then improve customer experience?
  • How We Reinvented Our Own CX
  • My Nimble experience just keeps getting better
  • Work On Your Story on April 24th at a Story Workout™ in Atlanta
  • vacasa sample space
    Case Study: Vacasa
  • Brands That Deliver the Best #CX Achieve 54% Higher Revenue Growth
  • Don't Do Digital Transformation, Design It
  • How Storytelling Has Emerged as a Force in Marketing
  • Pivot on Purpose for GMPC